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Clients with limited experiences on WordPress and websites in general can rest assured, there would be no more fussing about XML files import with the danger of your website being turned into a mess because of the missing content. We have an Importer that will set up your page exactly like our Demo Website with only One Click. Just by clicking a small button, all our demo pages, posts, sliders, widgets, menus, theme options and other settings will automatically be imported into your website in a very short time.

Not only does it help under experienced clients to setup their website fast and efficiently, this feature also saves a lot of time that otherwise would need to be invested in configuration to use all of Montana features in full fledged.

Our demo content contain a large number of pages and posts, numerous blogs, portfolio, testimonial and resume pages, shop home pages, archive pages in numerous layouts,etc… Most of them are empowered by shortcodes. Just imagine how they would appear in your site like magic in just a few minutes.

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